Blog Prompt for Monday July 20, 2015

1) Why is it important for Native Youth to tell their own stories?

2) What story do you have to tell……or what story do you think needs to be told?

3)  What is your favorite Film or Book and why?

Blog Prompt: Saturday July 18th

Hellooooo all!

Not everyone is comfortable or likes writing, but it is an important tool for expressing your ideas (a la Sherman Alexie) and for getting into college.

1) What are three tips you can give other youth to improve on their writing and make it more powerful or fun???

2) Reflect on your day!!



They are starting too young. This should not at all be how young girls think they should be nor should they be trained to aspire to this. Young girls need to be inspired to rely on their minds, not their looks or bodies. This is easily avoidable. It’s bad enough that women are objectified but even worse that we are starting so young on this conditioning.

I like this Message..


This is an image from to ‘Stop Objectification’ campaign. I really like this message not only because it raises awareness to a very prevalent issue but also because it reminds me of my friend’s experience as an engineer and also as an attractive woman. Her advisor continuously makes comments about how beautiful is and how that will help her get jobs. Why can’t she just be successful based on her skills in engineering? Because that’s just not how our world is set up. It’s very unfortunate and campaigns like this are very important for raising awareness.

This is a Hard One for Me


As both a vegan and a feminist, this is a hard one for me to take a stance on. On one hand, it is making an argument in outlining how we essentially objectify animals and use them as if they are just a SUM of parts and not a living, breathing, and feeling being. On the other hand, this comparison is being made with the help of a clearly objectified woman. This is almost saying that it is either okay to objectify women as long as we don’t eat them or that we never objectify them in this way which is naive and completely untrue. Why is she wearing nothing? The same point could have easily been made in a much less sexualized manner. I’m not sure how it could be perfectly done but I am certain that this is a copout. They know people will notice a sexual Pamela Anderson in front of them. That alone is a sad reality and one we need to re-examine.

Talk About a Horrible Body Image Message


Yikes! This is a clear plug arguing that women are only beautiful when they are dieting and that is highly problematic…wow.

Check This Out: Encouraging Little Girls to Aspire to be Engineers

This commercial and kit has a wonderful message! It’s not perfect by any means but it’s certainly a start and encourages girls to be interested in and pursue science/engineering. We need more things like this because so many girls are conditioned to think that they aren’t good enough to be scientists or to fulfill historically “male” professions.

Perfume Ad From the 80s

Though the goal of this ad is to outlined the woman as a breadwinner, it also highlights her as doing it all and also coming home to please her husband with her cooking and taking care of everything in-between. The ad is also framed in such a way that it is trying to convince the husband to buy her that perfume and promises him that treating her won’t stop her from being, essentially, wonder woman. Though the intention may have been positive and progressive at the time, it still upholds some very problematic stereotypes that put a lot of work on the shoulders on the women while all of the power seems to fall into the hands of the men (husbands).

The Clichéd Bosom Bounce to Sell Workout Products

This video is very interesting to me because it is unclear as to whether this is a commentary on this sexualized cliché or if he is playing into it. Either way, the focus is on this model’s breasts and the male gaze on the bounce of her breasts that has been a common theme in media for many years. This stereotype of running woman is highly frustrating and if this ad is taken as a commentary, the phrased “the joy of running strapless” is an obvious contradiction. Running strapless is very painful and no woman would choose to do so unless their goal was to satisfy the male gaze. If turned around, this ad could also be stating that this “joy” is that of the males watched her run. Either way, this cliché in life, media, and, in this case, advertising is very annoying and unfair to the representation of women.

HIV/AIDS in Prison

Found this website while researching for a final and it relates to what we talked about earlier in the year in regards to HIV.

Prisons are the number one transmitter of HIV/AIDS and it is passed through drug injections, sexual assault/rape, sex, tattoo needles, and lack of contraceptives in prisons. Many of the inmates come from low-income schools and have not gotten access to sexual education. It is also likely that these inmates have not gotten access to any education (the school to prison pipeline). Most of them do not know what HIV/AIDS are or how it is passed so once they are released from prison HIV is passed.