On November 2, Harry, Ayana, Harold, Riam, and I went to Sherman Indian High School to show Dead Can’t Dance to the students. A zombie-filled Native American film, Dead Can’t Dance illustrates what happens during a Native American zombie apocalypse. Though the film sounds ridiculous, it is formatted in an entertaining sense that does not let audiences take it too seriously.

We arrived at the school and were greeted by Lori, who led us to the auditorium, where we then set up the film for the students. At first, we only had five or students presented when we started the film at 2:15. About 15 minutes into the film, more students began to trickle in. At its max, I would say around 30 students were presented for the showing. While some laughed at the absurd nature of the film, others seemed bored to the extent where they got up and left. Lori had a few visitors come see the film, one who was quite appalled by the content. Once the film was over, she came up to us and stressed the importance of a GOOD Native American zombie film. Overall, the afternoon was a great experience to see some different walks of life. The film, though being poorly produced and low budgeted, was a good choice considering it was just around Halloween time.


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