On Saturday, October 26th, I, along with my fellow presenters and our support team, made the trip out to Sherman Indian High School to screen the film The Doe Boy. It was an interesting experience, getting a glimpse into the lives of the students, as well as seeing how they responded to the film. Overall, the screening went fairly well. Although there were only around 15 students present at the start of the film, more filtered in, and at its peak, I counted about 50 students.

What impressed me the most about the screening was how despite the film being a slow-moving, emotional drama, it was captivating enough to retain most of the audience. Although some of the students left early, a majority of them—maybe 40—stayed until the end. I think it’s safe to say that they enjoyed The Doe Boy. The students were very attentive during the screening, laughed during the funny parts, and at the end said they I liked it. When the movie ended, however, the students shot out of their seats and we had to rush to pass out the review handouts. Although I wish we had been able to have had more of a discussion, I think their remaining until the end spoke for itself. I am glad I got to partake in, and facilitate, this experience, as well as see a slice of what life is like for the students at Sherman Indian High School.


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