“Using Video For Advocacy” clearly outlined a step-by-step guide for using video in advocacy movements.  I appreciated the detailed way these suggestions were spelled out, and the map they create for those looking to integrate film into their efforts.  I think when one starts trying to do something like this, it can be overwhelming–where to start, how to start, what it should look like, what to do with it, how to use it most effectively–and this answers all those questions, as well as others that might not even occur to such a person.  It unravels the web of complicated questions and lays out a clear path, a set of steps to follow throughout the process.  I for one would find this invaluable.


Do you think this sort of guide would be helpful to you, if you were trying to integrate video into your advocacy movement?  If not, what would be more helpful?

Does this guide make you feel more inclined to do so?


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  1. cmaas3882 says:

    As you mentioned, I think a clear cut guide is a great way for someone who is inexperienced in using video at all, or for advocacy purposes, to get started with a project. From there, each project will be unique and individuals can apply those foundational concepts in novel ways to tailor it to their use. Essentially, a guide like the one described would ideally serve as a jumping off point to more complex and effective techniques.

  2. hking21 says:

    Caldwell laid out a helpful step-by-step guide about video advocacy. It’s true that video is an extremely powerful medium. As she mentions, video is able to reach widespread audiences, and can be understood by pretty much anyone (obviously, one doesn’t have to be literate to be able to take away the meaning or message of a various video).

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