The different types of tactical media we discussed this week were intriguing because they understood the power of the media and the internet for the first time. As Meikle says in Open Publishing Open Technologies “the uses to which technology are put are not determined by technology alone”, rather they are determined by context that they are used and formed in. In this way all the movements discussed were able to intervene in the established media space and dialogue. When they were preventing people from entering websites, it was reported on the Media, although  the media was reporting it as a novelty (as in wow they shut down the internet!)
however, the zapitistas and things that people were fighting for were were still mentioned. The creativity that was used in these movements is also incredible, they went out of their way to make sure that their movement (whether it be the talking barbie or the man who is covered up). In today’s day and age I think these kind of subversive and attention grabbing tactics are so crucial in getting your message and cause noticed and accepted in the media. These tactics can serve as a method to shake the consciousness of the public and make them aware.
Do you have any current day media campaign examples that use these kind of tactics today? Do you feel as if they are successful?

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