One of the things that I found interesting from the reagins from Future Active and our discussion in class was the difference between tactical media and strategic media. As we discussed tactical media is a tool for exploiting something that already exists, in other words it “jams” culture. For example, the Barbie Liberation Operation was a very clever way to “jam” the genderization of toys in the expanding toy consuming culture. Another example is the “net war” that was started by the virtual sit-ins of the Zapatistas. Both of these events serve to shake up public consciousness. These events are also flexible and time-specific. For example, the Barbie liberation movement worked partly because it was launched during the peak of Christmas shopping and the Zapatistas received a lot of attention because it was the first “net war” that had ever occurred.  Another group of media-tacticians are the Yes Men, whose hilarious usurpatory performances raise public consciousness about the unconscionable behavior by corporations. In a sense, all of these tacticians achieve sub-goals that support a defined mission. However, achieving broader goals involves long-term organizing and greater resources. Achieving strategic goals, involves not only exploiting events and content, but also at times creating content that is more ideal. We can see an example of this in Tongues Untied, which provided an alternative narrative for gay African American men and then broadcasted this new voice on PBS. Through all of the successes of tactics and strategies, it is easy to see how a two-prong approach may be an ideal way of achieving social justice goals.


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