Turning Signs into Question Marks, from Future Active, written by Graham Meikle introduced the term “tactical media.” It is a type of media activism that is a hit-and-run style. Within the past two decades, tactical media has become a global phenomenon mainly due to the Internet. In the early days of the Internet, websites were not complicated and the source of any page could be viewed and copied into any other domain. However, most people were unaware of this possibility, and some media activists took advantage of their ignorance and were able to create a new type of tactical media: spoofing official websites and adding information to spark political thought.


We watched “The Yes Men Fix the World,” and I was surprised to learn that they were never arrested–even after big ordeals such as posing as a company on a BBC News live TV broadcast. The company would rather not draw any more attention to it and did not press charges. The Yes Men can continue to bring these inhumane practices to the public eye. So why don’t more people put this into practice? Sure, websites have become more complicated, but there are more and more people who are educated enough to spoof these sites. And there are many, many people who still fall for these spoofs. Take, for example, phishing. Even today many people fall prey to the emails with a Bank of America logo, click on a link to a fake site and enter their username and password in this malicious website. The Yes Men successfully brought attention to the Bhopal disaster. I think more activists should take a similar approach and make use of the technology to engage the general public in a critique of the dominant political and economic order.



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