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10 Pro Choice Comedians Who Stand Up For Reproductive RightsImage

Amy Poehler Talks Reproductive Rights on SNL


Tina Fey on Reproductive Rights and Rape


Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Lesson in Female Anatomy and Reproductive Rights


Chelsea Handler Discusses Her Personal Experience With AbortionImage


Whoopi Goldberg Talks Reproductive Rights on the View


Sarah Silverman Reproductive Rights PSA


“I talk a lot about abortion and people get really freaked out. I’m not even making a political statement. I’m just talking about what happened! I have had them and I want to talk about them. I don’t care what your views are toward abortion, I just think women should be talking about it.  Gloria Steinem had a really important essay about how if men menstruated, they would talk about it all the time. So I am trying to treat abortion in the same way. Like if males had to have abortions, it would be something that was routinely discussed and the emotional life of it would be really examined.”-Margaret Cho


“For all the women who maybe don’t think of themselves as pro-life but aren’t necessarily either worried about or fighting for women’s access to abortion, what they don’t realize is all of the other personal freedoms that can be eroded when legal abortion is taken away…We want to make abortion legal, safe and rare. The way to do that is to give women access to birth control and information.”-Aisha Tyler

George Carlin on Abortion


Texas Senator’s Epic Filibuster Against Abortion Bill


Mark Ruffalo Reproductive Rights PSA

“I am a man. I could say this has nothing to do with me. Except I have two daughters and I have a mother who was forced to illegally have an abortion in her state where abortion was illegal when she was a very young woman. It cost $600 cash. It was a traumatizing thing for her. It was shameful and sleazy and demeaning. When I heard the story I was aghast by the lowliness of a society that would make a woman do that. I could not understand its lack of humanity; today is no different. What happened to my mother was a relic of an America that was not free nor equal nor very kind. My mother’s illegal abortion marked a time in America that we have worked long and hard to leave behind. It was a time when women were seen as second rate citizens who were not smart enough, nor responsible enough, nor capable enough to make decisions about their lives. It was a time that deserved to be left behind, and leave it behind we did, or so it seemed.  We made abortion and a woman’s ability to be her own master a Right.  That Right was codified into law.  That law was the law of the land for decades.  My own mother fought to make herself more than a possession; she lived her life as a mother who chose when she would have children, and a wife who could earn a living if she so chose.  I want my daughters to enjoy that same choice.  I don’t want to turn back the hands of time to when women shuttled across state lines in the thick of night to resolve an unwanted pregnancy, in a cheap hotel room just south of the state line.  Where a transaction of $600 cash becomes the worth of a young woman’s life.  So that is why I am lending my voice to you and your movement today.  Because I actually trust the women I know.  I trust them with their choices, I trust them with their bodies and I trust them with their children.  I trust that they are decent enough and wise enough and worthy enough to carry the right of Abortion and not be forced to criminally exercise that Right at the risk of death or jail time.  There was no mistake us making Abortion legal and available on demand. That was what we call progress.  Just like it was no mistake that we abolished institutional racism in this country around the same time.  The easy thing to do is lay low, but then are we who we say we are?  Do we actually stand for anything, if what we do stand for is under attack and we say nothing?  There is nothing to be ashamed of here except to allow a radical and recessive group of people to bully and intimidate our mothers and sisters and daughters for exercising their right of choice.  Or use terrorism and fanaticism to block their legal rights or take the lives of their caregivers.  Or design legislation that would chip away at those rights disguised as reinforcing a woman’s health.  I invite you to find your voice and let it be known that you stand for abortion rights and the dignity of a woman to be the master of her own life and body.  I invite you to search your soul and ask yourself if you actually stand for what you say you stand for.  Thank you for being here today and thank you for standing up for the women in my life.

    Sincerely and humbly,

    Mark Ruffalo


Called “If My Vagina Was A Gun” Testifying Before The Texas Senate


Choice USA: The ‘Bro Choice’ Movement


“LIVING BRO-CHOICE means having the courage to speak out against injustice, even at the risk of being alienated. It means creating broader, more equitable definitions of masculinity. Living Bro-Choice means being a vocal advocate for reproductive justice, and an authentic ally to women. Living Bro-Choice means being a part of the solution.”


By signing, I pledge to….

  • Challenge negative stereotypes and representations of men and masculinity

  • Call out sexism and rape culture when I see it

  • Always ask for consent before sexual activity, and always respect the answer

  • Challenge myself and interrogate my own personal privileges

  • Be an outspoken champion for reproductive justice

A is For-Reproductive Rights Advocacy OrganizationImage

Martin Luther King Jr On Planned Parenthood


“I do not think it is correct to argue that birth control is sinful. It is a serious mistake to suppose that it is a religious act to allow nature to have its way in the sex life… In the case of birth control the real question at issue is that between rational control and resort to chance….A final consideration is that women must be considered as more than “breeding machines.” ….All of these factors, seem to me, to make birth control rationally and morally justifiable….There is no human circumstance more tragic than the persisting existence of a harmful condition for which a remedy is readily available. Family planning, to relate population to world resources, is possible, practical and necessary. …What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the billions who are its victims….There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger’s early efforts. She, like we, saw the horrifying conditions of ghetto life. Like we, she knew that all of society is poisoned by cancerous slums. Like we, she was a direct actionist – a nonviolent resister. She was willing to accept scorn and abuse until the truth she saw was revealed to the millions. At the turn of the century she went into the slums and set up a birth control clinic, and for this deed she went to jail because she was violating an unjust law. …For these constructive movements we are prepared to give our energies and consistent support; because in the need for family planning, Negro and white have a common bond; and together we can and should unite our strength for the wise preservation, not of races in general, but of the one race we all constitute – the human race.

So much negative stuff…..

Terrifying Pro Life Propaganda


Conservative Women Tell Indystar What Real Feminism Looks Like


They say feminism is…

  • accepting of “consequences” for actions

  • “lov[ing] your husband dearly” and being super sad if they leave you for a “younger model”

and Feminism is not…

  • screeching “WAR ON WOMEN!” the second [you’re] faced with challenges. (Seriously guys quit screeching. All this time around feminists and my hearing is for shit, on account of the shrieking.)

  • “guilt-free abortions.” A REAL FEMINIST FEELS LIKE SHIT.

  • “taxpayer funded contraception”

  • dressing up in vagina costumes and “hollering”

  • the phrase “lady parts.” Actually, don’t even talk about your vagina at all. Pretend like it’s smooth and plastic like a Barbie crotch.

  • relying on a “Sugar Daddy” like a rich guy or the government

  • being liberal, which is the same as being a “parasite”

  • “Prince Charming”

  • being a sign-carrying “harpie”

  • using wit to draw attention to issues of reproductive justice

  • “relying on taxpayers to finance reproductive choices”


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