(sorry this is late- hope you guys still don’t mind reading 🙂 )

The Third Cinema is the concept that the director is more than a mere vehicle for personal expression- instead; he/she is apart of the broader picture of ‘the truth’ that is trying to be expressed. In other words, there are many others who may feel the same way as the director regarding certain issues, but the director is the one that publicizes these (often times controversial) viewpoints and perspectives. Overall it could be argued that Third Cinema creates and inspires revolutionary activism. Solanas and Gettino’s manifesto contrasts this to First and Second Cinema- First Cinema being the perpetuation through film of a bourgeois lifestyle, mostly centering around the idea of escapism and only conveying this idea through a few individual characters. On the other hand, Second Cinema (European film art) rejects Hollywood and centers around the view of the auteur director. Since Third Cinema is created around and under such tension filled pretenses, it is at often times screened clandestinely, so therefore people must go out of their way to go to a screening. I find it interesting that risk taking is encouraged when it comes to the Third Cinema- on behalf of both the director(s) and the potential audience members. Risk is the most prominent theme in this line of cinema because it provokes somebody to prove how devoted to the cause he or she is, in the truest sense because they are directly putting themselves at risk.

La Hora De Los Hornos, which translates into the Hour of the Furnaces is a prime example of this very idea of Third Cinema. It addresses controversial ideas in politics through cinema and adopts a documentary approach with at times gruesome imagery in order to perpetuate the working conditions of workers in Latin America, and in order to overall convey that they are victims of injustice in varying degrees. I found this film very effective in addressing key issues in the labor industry in Latin America, but I understand how the government would be wary of this getting out, thus the medium that it is delivered in, is indeed third cinema.


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