Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the LA Skins fest.  It was held at the theatre at LA Live.  A film I made last year in media arts for social justice was featured in the festival.  The film was called Tales of the Indigenous and it was made in a video production class I taught at Sherman last year.  The film was a documentary about life at Sherman.  it deals with issues of home sickness, family issues, cultural history and information about the school.  

I was so honored to have been included in such an awesome event..  Ive never been involved in a real film festival before.  

It was so cool to watch the movie on the big screen in a real movie theater.  It was an experience unlike any Ive had before.  It felt good.  I was very glad I went and was also happy that my dad was able to come with me.  He told me how proud he was to see my name up there and about the work I had done and it felt good.  it was a great moment.  thank you LA Skins fest!!! 

link to the movie, if youre interested



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