participatory video is community made forms of media.  it is a collaboration.  its all about shifting the ideas of traditional topics and representations as well as shifting the traditional ideas of what we think of as subject and what we think of as filmmaker.  it is more like one is there are subjects and collaborators but as opposed to the traditional idea of the filmmaker, plays the role of facilitator.  

In this form of media creation, unlike others, the subject is given a new kind of agency that they hadnt been given in the past.  this kind of media is able to tell stories that we dont typically hear about, they arent in the news or talked about in popular media.  

this form of media holds true to the fact that there is no teaching without learning.  everything is truly a group effort.  everyone involved, subject and facilitator, must be open to learning otherwise a true collaboration is impossible to achieve. 

there are a number of concerns that must be addressed before working in communities outside of our own.  we need to be aware of the fact that we are dealing with issues that are potentially very upsetting.  we need to have resources available for those who are suffering emotionally and to be aware of triggers.  we have to be aware of the fact that we are in many cases coming from completely different places than those we are documenting.  an issue that needs to be addressed is finding a balance between individual interests of the filmmmaker and the needs of the broader community.  


I think the project i did at Sherman last fall is a good example of participatory video. we went into the class and learned about the students and let them learn about us.  it was conducted in a workshop style where we were all working together.  it was truly a community project.  

like the sherman project



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