As I read Revolution 2.0, I was fascinated by this intimate and detailed recounting of a story I had heard only from newspaper articles and the radio when it seemingly blew up out of nowhere, back then.  It was deeply satisfying to learn a fuller version of the events and what led up to them, as well as to experience the emotional and passionate perspective of the writer.  It was also interesting to hear about the logistics of this case of internet activism.  

I wonder how much it’s skill and how much it’s being in the right place with the right cause at the right time that gets a site to take off like that.  The organically growing zeal for the cause was also interesting.  So was the description of his time in jail.  It was powerful that their original motivating force was an individual who’d been hurt and killed due to the regime.  The human factor was what started the page, what started the revolution.

It was interesting also to hear about the skepticism of people who believed the internet couldn’t accomplish anything real.  I’ve heard those attitudes before, but they feel very foreign to me, when I feel that the internet is no less “real” than the physical world, and it can accomplish anything.


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