In Revolution 2.0, Wael Ghonim discusses the role that social media website Facebook played in the security and protection Egyptians. Ghonim held an anonymous poll that set out to encompass the overall feelings and sentiments of Egyptians. His results showed that more and more Egyptians were living less in fear than in the past. It is quite interesting how Facebook played such a huge function in allowing free speech to occur. Oppressed people were able to have a voice in a platform that they otherwise would not have. Today, Facebook plays a huge role in both social activism and political movements. In the last election, it was noted how much of a role the youth played in shaping the results. Through the use of social media, voters aged 18 to 30 were able to spread the word to vote for Obama. They created Facebook groups, online surveys and Twitter campaigns to spread the word for others to vote. It is quite interesting the position that the cyber world can play in shaping the physical, real world. Something, like the internet, which is inanimate, has the power to shape a national election, which is quite mesmerizing when examined closely.

Questions: What else does the Internet and social media have the power to do? Have there been any other recent social movements that have thrived on social media?


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