I don’t agree with these chapters of The Media Ecosystem at all.  Not only is it the same boring pseudo-scientific anti-technology drivel that has been echoed by grumpy old men throughout the millennia, but he goes on to use disability and mental illness as props to prove his point.  This is extremely ableist and offensive.  Seriously, I’m angry right now.  Mental illnesses and disabilities have ALWAYS existed, and as they are studied more, and diagnoses appear, and are expanded and better understood and awareness increases, more people get diagnosed.  And then people have the nerve to be surprised.  Why does every jerk with a cause and a publisher think it’s okay to use the existence of people with disabilities and mental illnesses as “proof”, as voiceless tools for their ahistorical crusade?  We’re not tools or props, we’re not here to be used for your convoluted nonsensical evidence or incredibly offensive and inaccurate metaphors.  I notice that several times he says he’s “reluctant” to use a certain metaphor because the matter is “more complicated” and thus would be untrue.  Disabled folk get no such courtesy.  Because we’re not real people, right?  I mean, if we’re just going to get in everyone’s way, we should be grateful that he finds a way to make use of us, right?  No, seriously.  No.  Stop.  I hope the sink disposal turns on when you’re stuck in it.


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