I thought an interesting point about Ghonim’s revolution was the combination of using physical interventions in order to encourage online ones. Previously, I thought that demonstrations offline may become obsolete since it is now easy to spread messages and assimilate supporters online. In my other media studies class, many classmates argued that physical demonstrations have lost their appeal and impact. The cases of I am Khaled Said and other movements such as the Zapatistas have made it obvious that physical interventions are necessary to actually mobilize supporters and to spread knowledge to those who are unaware of these movements by peaking curiosity. These particular movements were extremely successful because of their creativity, which differentiates them from typical notions of protests and encourages others to ask questions about the cause, and their non-violent nature. Can revolution be successful if the mobilization only occurs online? Would such a revolution be successful, or engage users beyond simply ‘liking’ a post? What is the future of physical organizing, and how might it change in the future?


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  1. riamg says:

    It’s interesting the way physical and online action can influence and build off each other.

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