I wanted to share this video with the class. We watched and discussed a bit about Marlon Riggs in class and I remembered this subject from a class I took last semester. I don’t remember the context in which we discussed him and his work but I do remember the scene below. I’ve seen most of his ‘Tongues Untied” documentary and it is very intense and moving. I can say that after I watched it, it definitely affected me. The scene below gives a bit of a demonstration of how to snap like a diva. While this does seem amusing from a distance, up close you can learn about an entire community and one of their practices. There is so much history in this documentary and I really enjoyed learning about the community made up of black gay men. It was interesting to see that many things that I am familiar with from other media (shows, tv, commercials) care clearly and directly taken from smaller, independent things. Do you recognize this snap from anywhere?


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  1. jennalym says:

    This really made me thing about the contemporary movement of “throwing shade” which took life in the trans community and has become a worldwide phenomenon much like the sassy snap. Check this out:


    And countless how-to threads:

  2. adambrook says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip, particularly how these men were able to put typically assumed gender roles aside to be themselves and have a good time. There was no judgment or discrimination present for their actions, therefore highlighting what Marlon Riggs aimed to achieve in his film, Tongues Untied.

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