I think video advocacy is a really important tool to help advocates display, explain, help relate the topic they are discussing. Advocates have a message they are trying to share with large amounts of people in desire to help a cause or group of people. Sometimes being so distant from a problem can hinder someone from helping. Even without action, knowledge of a problem and spreading awareness is still important. Opening someone’s eyes can give them perspective, and if they don’t help the cause directly they can still make a change to improve themselves or something else in their own lives and the lives of people around them. Video advocacy can help connect the viewer to the subject that has its own problems. I am a supporter of video advocacy, however I do acknowledge how easily it can be done poorly or wrongly. As we have said in class advocates can’t give someone a voice. I believe they already have one, all advocates can do is help them to share their story in a way that would be most beneficial for them. Because of this video advocacy cannot be done quickly with a camera and a script. There must be a trust building phase, a time for construction of the structure of the video where the advocates work with people directly related to the subject and collaborate to make something effective. I really enjoyed the discussions we had in class about this and I feel that if I were to participate in a video advocacy project in the future that I would be able to help out and bring good ideas to the table. 


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