Yes, I’m different and I’m also proud of it” – Marlon Riggs, 1989

I am very interested in Youth Media. Probably because I am a “youth” myself I find that learning the stories of other people around my age to be one of the most interesting and important things I can learn about. After viewing the videos ““I Am Not a Boy” and “A Girl like Me” I instantly related them both to two other things I have studied at Pitzer. “A Girl like Me”, as I have posted about it before, connects to me directly as I am part of black female youth in America and with my final project for this semester. “I Am Not a Boy” connects with Tongues Untied . As I have recently posted about diva snapping, I can go into the subject a bit more. Julie Joyce, the subject and director of the “I Am Not a Boy”, talks a bit about her involvement with the gay community and being in ballrooms. In Riggs’ Tongues Untied there is a ballroom scene following the diva snapping, if I remember correctly. As Julie said in her video, ballrooms have been around for more than one hundred of years and are a fun and safe environment for transgender men or men in drag, as well as gay men to go and express themselves through dance and movement. Riggs said in the interview we read, “There’s nothing obscure about it [snapping]. Yet, as with any culture, if it’s something you do and it’s part of your ritual, when you see it as an image, it has a very different meaning to you” (2). Below I have attached a video that discusses ballrooms and voguing.



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  1. riamg says:

    I think you mean transgender women? As far as I know, trans men have never been a major part of ballroom culture.

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