Finishing Lopez’s The Media Ecosystem (2012), while I felt that his overall metaphor of our current media and ecology was an effective tool to distinguish his work from others, I can’t help but think about how he didn’t really present any media theory that really challenged existing media studies key works.  For example, throughout this course we were exposed to various forms that have used media in innovative ways that stressed community and open-source awareness.  Lopez’s book also stressed this, but mostly by pointing to existing examples, I guess in a way providing a historical narrative.  I was introduced to new terms in this book, most of them having to do with web technology, but I feel like he didn’t push the discussion beyond giving an overview of what is out there.  Perhaps that’s what this book is for: giving an introduction to how groups who want to create a media environment that takes into account environmental issues and community are working currently.  I guess I just expected this book, since it is a manifesto (correct?), to be more along the lines of the work by Debourd, McLuhan, and the third cinema theorists.    

I will say that I found the last chapter super helpful in not only the resources that Lopez provided, but also in the conclusion that brought back certain topics we had explored throughout the semester.


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