Revolution 2.0

When thinking about the Meikle reading and his idea on open publishing and the use of technology I think it would be interesting to look at the intended use of Facebook, the medium in which Wael Ghonim created Revolution 2.0. The literal revolution that Ghonim created online, on Facebook, reaching masses of people all over the world is an intense and serious global awakening that originated from the opinion and action of one person on their own computer on a social networking site. The original intention of the same site that Ghonim used was for Ivy League college student to find peers to date. His Facebook page “We Are All Khaled Said” has such a grander and more important purpose than its host in its creation. What do you think about the mix of intentions and the change of the use of Facebook from its creation in 2007 and the myriad of possibilities the site offers today?


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  1. cmaas3882 says:

    I think the mix of intentions really showcases the power of common media tools. Facebook may have had an original intent, but it is shaped by it’s users and in many cases made, as you said “grander,” by the people it is intended to serve. I think it is the creative uses (such as Ghonim’s purpose) of sites like Facebook that exemplifies their potential to bring people together.

  2. jennalym says:

    I think that the expansion of possibilities is wonderful, but often comes with the consequence of tension between people with different intentions. For example, I try to avoid using Facebook to showcase too many of my political views (these can be found on my personal blog) and try to make it a place where I “play” or simple interact with my peers, keep up with events, or hear about breaking news. However I understand that some people use Facebook for different things. I often find it somewhat fastidious that I get 100 “game requests” from my younger relatives or invitations to like dozens of pages etc. I recently read a thread between a group of activists and another group of Facebook users that were arguing about how the “activists” should stop making Facebook so serious when it was meant for fun. On the other hand activists thought that Facebook was a great platform to share their political work. The expansion of possibilities is great, but we all need to keep in mind that divisions are being made between people that use Facebook for different things.

  3. riamg says:

    The various uses and applications of technology and social media are stunning. They are as varied as the physical world.

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