I was really interested in Meikle’s Turning Signs in to Question Marks. Tactical media and subtle change sabotage are really good ways to make people think without them knowing they were getting into a counter argument. These methods remind me of little games that I would play as a kid – the little time eaters they have at the back of magazines “Spot the Difference”. There would be two pictures either side by side or one placed above the other, both the same scene but with miniscule differences like a button on a blouse removed or a stripe missing on a cat, but they were there. When I think about the www.gwbush.com example, I can imagine myself on the web, scrolling through a website, gwbush or any other, and being fooled and finding out that I was on a unofficial site. To spread a counter message this way is very smart. Readers begin to invest their time in something that isn’t what they thought but by the time they realize what’s going on, they’re already interested and curious. I thought it was amazing that the company âäark exists and is still functioning with its propaganda-like mission.


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  1. riamg says:

    That’s a great comparison.

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