In chapter four of The Media Ecosystem, Lopez discusses brain ecosystems and media as extensions of ourselves. When he goes into the reasons behind why certain things are in the media and what our thought process might be in ourselves that we aren’t outraged but customers to images that we may not even like at times, but subconsciously want. Lopez suggests that we use media as a form on self reflection, only recycling our feelings, desires, emotions, through media and getting it back “through greater stimulation” (97). I really like when he said

“The left and right hemispheres work well together: they are a team. Treated separately, one tends to not like the other. Consider how artists and scientists often view each other, but also what happens when they work together” (101).

Using  types of people as an example to display what he means by his observation of methods of living and learning. Artist and scientists are very easy to be seen as a cliche or stereotype. One is a very creative, lax, scatterbrained, less refined personality, while the other is very smart, serious, dedicated personality. These two worlds are known as separate but as Lopez says, when these two worlds work together amazing things can happen.


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  1. jennalym says:

    Yup, I agree! One of the things I enjoyed about The Media Ecosystem was the underlying optimism throughout the book. The ideas Lopez puts forth to help us achieve the change he thinks is needed are what make his book read like an inspiring manifesto not a daunting list of problems.

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