I had a great experience going to Skins Film Festival. There was something about the  experience of seeing something I helped create on the big screen that made me feel both accomplished and empowered. I was a little caught of guard having to talk about our piece in from of an audience because I’m a catastrophic  public speaker and I have trouble discussing my work. I was also sad that Ruby was not there to offer her perspective on her piece, since it was a very collaborative project. However, now that I know that I want to continue to experiment with short films, I know to be prepared to speak about my pieces in the future.

In addition to our piece, I thought that the other students pieces were pretty hilarious. I loved to see that the students got free range to create their stories and writing their scripts. I would also really like to see a similar program at Sherman where students create short films that feature their story lines.

It was nice to learn that after watching the films at the festival a couple of the Sherman girls wanted to  join the program next semester. I think one of the issues at Sherman is that the students shy away from trying new things a lot of the time. When Karina and I were conducting our poetry/media workshops last semester the first couple of meetings students were very hesitant to participate and cooperate. I gather it also stems from the fact that they’re teenagers and that they are only sensitive to things that make them seem “cool”. Anyway, by the end of the semester the last students that continued with the poetry workshop were more excited and committed because they gave it a chance. Therefore, I am happy to see that a couple of new girls became interested after going to the film festival. The next step would be thinking about ways to get other students to go to our movie screenings or go to our off campus events, because I’m sure many of them would enjoy learning more about creating media if they gave it a chance. I suggest that students that go to Sherman in the future, try to have more than one semester relationships with the students because building trust with the students may be a big step in getting them involved in future projects.

Anyone else have any suggestions about getting Sherman students more engaged in the future?

Also thought I’d share some of the pictures!



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