My final project is a website that will serve as a hub for all things produced in an ethical and sustainable way, from source to final sale. The primary role of my website will be as a shopping center—with a target audience of middle and upper class consumers—given that they’d have more financial freedom to buy the often more costly eco-friendly and ethically-made products. Still, the ultimate goal of my project is to move closer to having ethical consumerism be not just the better choice, but also the more affordable one. A feature on such a shopping site that I would like to have would be a price range scale so that the online shopper can choose between what prices he/she would like to shop. This might make the movement to conscious consumerism more accessible.


Conscious consumerism is know by many names such as ethical consumerism, ethical consumption, moral purchasing, and green consumerism (among many others), and is a form of consumer activism.


Conscious consumerism is on the upswing, and is proving effective:


A great media example is the UK Ethical Consumer Magazine:


A key feature that I love is Ethical Consumer’s company ratings page:


In my opinion, a FANTASTIC website/campaign example is in New Zealand:

A video from this website’s homepage explaining what they do:

They accredit businesses and have an app that rewards consumers. This is a smart business model!


Some American, retail examples include:


Some of the things that I have learned from these examples are of sending out updates and keeping the target audience involved. Just as Ethical Consumer sends out boycott updates I want to have a mailing list feature as well as a weekly spotlights/specials emails to send out to subscribers. Additionally, I would like to incorporate a section that sells products with some of the profit going to charities, such as Serengetee:, as well as crafts and other products coming directly from communities in need.


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