For the week of November 4th we had a guest speaker visit class, Pamela Peters, who discussed her unique interpretation on the documentation of her Native American culture. The speaker screened two films: The Indian Taco, and Native American migration in the 1950’s. For the first film she used the traditional Indian taco blended with a love story, comedy, and traditional Native American symbols and motifs. It was interesting that she used “Indian fry bread” symbol to engage the viewer to understand more about the Native American culture.

For her second film she used a 1950’s setting. This film depicted the migration of Native American’s from the Midwest to California. At first, the film appeared so realistic that I though it was actually filmed in the 1950’s! I really enjoyed the staging, cinematography, and the editing of this movie. Pamela Peters’ had a personal connection to this story, as her influence was her own family’s migration conquest and strife.

Pamela Peters’ innovative and artistic cinema techniques can be related to our own final projects. Our media plan of action requires a personal connection to our project, creativity, and a ability to relate to the audience. Pamela Peters’ can be used as a example because she utilized all of these cinematic techniques in her films. Both films were able to exemplify the Native American, yet each did so in different ways.

My question to you is: Do you believe that The Indian Taco or The Migration demonstrated a more effective representation of the Native American culture? What techniques can you/ have you incorporated from Pamela for your final media plan of action?


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