Last Saturday, we held a screening for Barking Water at Sherman and I don’t know if it had to do with the time of screening (it was after 6pm), but there really weren’t many people there.  From the few that came in late, many of them left as the movie got towards the slow parts.  However, the students that stayed for the entire film did enjoy it. The film was a good film for the couples that came out for the screening.  We didn’t have time for a discussion, since they all just got ready to leave as soon as the film ended. 

A really cool thing is that one of the ladies who helped us set up, was that they would be continuing the film series past our own film screenings.  Something that she said actually made me think of how to better improve the course for next semester, if the focus continues to be Native films: If the course is going to have the Sherman component to it, there needs to be more of Native history incorporated with the films we are supposed to be watching. I know this course is not about just Native films, but it just makes more sense for us to have more background to the films we are showing. Perhaps this can be incorporated into the film presentations in that students would have to research a historical event that relates to the film…


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