I really enjoyed Wael Ghonim’s Revolution 2.0; it was an interesting and engaging read. I really enjoyed the case study and formation of something that happened so recently. Personally, I feel as his piece really demonstrates what can happen via social media. Although many people say that the Arab Spring happened because of social media, I don’t believe this is accurate and Ghonim’s book demonstrates that point. The revolution happened via social media not because of it. I appreciated the tactics that he used in order to mobilize people, while trying to maintain practices that would ensure their safety. He says that for a while he wanted the rebelling and dissent to be only online because going in the streets was not safe for people, and he, not being in the country was not the one who should ask that of them. But eventually it was the protests in the streets that actually made the change. It was also fascinating to see the language and wording that he used in order to incite and mobilize people. We have seen throughout the semester how language mobilizes different kinds of groups, and how powerful it can be.

Even though things are in flux again in Egypt, Ghonim’s book provides a great case study for use to see how media can cause a revolution, and how ordinary people can use it as a tool to fight against things they do not believe in and create awareness of the problems. Of course there are additional problems associated with doing so (getting caught, greater monitoring of your movements etc) but as Ghonim says he is a part of the movement and he is willing to give up his life for his people and what he believes in. In that, and throughout the book, the passion and determination of the Egyptian people shines through.


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