1. Africa Is a Country: http://www.africaisacountry.com is a blog that aims to challenge and destabilize the ideas about African and its people developed in popular western media. The blog’s name is an “ironic reaction to old and tired images of Africa.” By highlighting young creative talents as well las contemporary art, music, writing, and film coming out of Africa, Africa Is A Country tries to reinvent ideas about Africa in a positive and accurate light. The blog’s about us page sums up its mission very clearly by proclaiming: “This is a blog that’s not about famine, bono, or Barak Obama.” 

2. Radi-Aid: Africa For Norway: Radii-Aid is a fake aid and fundraising campaign create by a group of college students in South Africa that aims to expose biased ideologies that hold Africa only as a place of poverty, hunger, crime, and disease. By creating a viral video depicting Norwegians as a people constantly suffering from endless freezing temperatures, and urging viewers to donate their radiators to this frost ridden land, the students were able to flip the gaze so often used by western media to look at Africa back on itself. 

3. Racialicious and the Afropolitan Project: Racialicious is a blog curated by “hip-hop feminist” and “anti-racist media-junkie,” Latoya Petersen. Her blog describes itself as existing at the “intersection of race and pop culture” and works to expose questionable media representations of race in contemporary pop culture. A side project of Racialicious is the Afropolitan Project. The Project is an effort by multicultural and multilingual activists who maintain a connection between their sense of self and a specific place on the African continent. Self described as “not citizens, but Africans of the world,” Afropoitans maintain an ideology based on a “willingness to complicate Africa… a refusal to oversimplify, the effort to understand what is ailing in Africa alongside the desire to honor what is wonderful, unique.”


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