Today Megan, Riley, Harold, Izzie and I went to Sherman Indian High School for the last screening of the semester. We screened Trudell; which I actually thought was a really interesting way to not only end the series but also the semester. His work reflects so much of what we’ve been discussing regarding movements, and ways to mobilize people. John Trudell’s work within the Alcatraz movement and the AIM movement were beautifully illustrated in the documentary,which itself was very moving and informative. Although it was a short movie I think there were only about four or five people at the screening, they did fill out the forms but did not stay long enough for discussion; although we did chat with them and Lori (I think it was her) for a bit. She was mentioning that they were planning on continuing the screenings into next semester as well which I think is really exciting because I know that the kids that decided to come to the screenings usually really enjoyed them. I really enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the oppurtunity this semester to go to Sherman, it was a wonderful experience and opened my eyes up to a whole new genre of film, and different movements and issues related to Native Americans in the United States.


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  1. rsissung says:

    The Alcatraz movement and AIM movement were inspiring and demonstrate a key example of revolution and change. Thank you for your support at Sherman it was a pleasure.

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