A few weeks ago, a group of us went to Sherman Indian High School in order to screen and present on the Native American made ‘When Your Hands Are Tied’. Because it was a documentary, the assistant had to leave out that detail over the PA in order to attract more kids in the hopes that they would come to the screening. Perhaps he believed they would only willingly give up their Saturday for a movie that was engaging and fictional. Even in light of this occurring, not many kids showed up (less than 20 in total, in and out) and few stayed until the end of the entire screening. Despite the fact that we had prepped and prepared for a presentation right after the film which was only an hour, the kids were promised to watch the rest of the summer thriller titled ‘Pacific Rim’, and thus the assistant quickly put it on as soon as the movie ended. This prevented us from presenting, but we were conscious that maybe the kids would rather enjoy their Saturday afternoon with a mindless blockbuster than listen to the implications of pursuing various activities on a reservation as opposed to resorting to negative habits such as doing drugs, which is what the documentary revolved around.


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