Today I accompanied the presenters as apart of the support team at Sherman Indian High School, in order to screen the documentary ‘Trudell”. Overall not many kids showed up (even less than how many appeared the day that we were meant to present) and several walked out for reasons unknown. This time the kids left too soon after the movie for Harold and Riley to present, however they filled out the review forms enthusiastically and seemed quite sociable and grateful that we had given up their time to screen the movie for them. Lori even discussed that she might want this activity to extent to next semester too, because of it’s success so far. ‘Trudell’ was overall an interesting film to screen and watch because of its discussion of America’s treatment to Native Americans over the years, and how this needs to change. The most powerful part of the film in my opinion was when Trudell was being interviewed by a news channel, where he compared Native Americans celebrating Columbus Day to Americans Celebrating ‘Osama Bin Laden Day’.


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  1. rsissung says:

    I agree, that was a very powerful message. Thank you for all of your help in the screening it was a pleasure.

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