Mainstream media produces for a small segment of people. If the media you want to see isn’t out there, then you should make it yourself! That is why for my project, I’ve included videos that comment on sexist news articles and blatantly point out that there is no need to talk about a woman politician’s outfit. In class, we discussed that, through the media, we create our own identities. The identity created through this project is one that wants equal media coverage for men and women.


Marlon Riggs, back in the 1980s, would hide his identity to be in mainstream media. I feel that women should be able to wear feminine clothes, such as dresses and skirts, without having the media focus on how different their outfits are than the mens’ suits.


The media can have a powerful effect on people and can lead to social change. For example, the media helped spark uprising in LA. It would demonstrate police brutality. A person collected videos of the brutality, and put them over public access. Many people watched these videos and their reactions were the LA riots to combat the injustice. Videos can evoke more emotion from people than black and white text, too. That is why I have included videos in my project page. I hope that people can view my site and be inspired to make change about the way women politicians are depicted in the media.



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