“People are biologically wired for connection and thrive from positive feedback.”

In Chapter 4 of The Media Ecosystems, Lopez discusses the importance of using empathy to establish rapport in political campaigns. Lopez addresses the concept that empathy is one of the most vital components to any environmental movement. The best way to garner public support is to introduce a relational emotional aspect. With any successful campaign “its not just a result of mediating information, but resonance.” (117). In the reading  Occupy Wall Street is used as an example of empathy being used to gain supporters. I think that many of our other readings and films also exemplify empathy being used as a fundamental for actions.

When reconnecting with our earth it is vital that we develop a sense of empathy with our natural resources. As Lopez says, “documentaries about endangered species, the plight of the planet, and nature films can do jut that” (109). Modern day technology can also act as a vehicle for establishing a connection with our environment. With Youtube, people can share their beliefs, motivations, and day- to- day lives all over the planet. With this bonding available, people can begin to care about one another and about their environments. The more that people care, the more passionate they will be about a cause.

According to Lopez, “ Empathy, then, becomes a powerful weapon against the abstractions that make exploitation palatable” (111).  Do you agree of disagree with this statement? What other weapons do you think are as powerful as empathy?


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  1. mpierson4710 says:

    I agree with Lopez’s statement that empathy is a powerful weapon, because I think feeling empathy for others is one of the first steps in reaching out and offering assistance. I think that empathy must be paired with a strong understanding of the other person’s situation.

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