The final chapters of The Media Ecosystem by Antonio Lopez discuss the current media climate. This includes sending viewers misinformation, and they rarely mention the climate problems we are experiencing. There have been studies that organic farms have a lower environmental impact. However, the USDA has very low penalties for organic label violations. In recent years, the “organic food” trend has flooded the US market. The National Organic Program “claims that label violations are some of the most common among organic businesses.” Even so, being organic means no pesticide was used once the fruit was on the plant! And so, farms which produce these “organic” foods can still use dangerous pesticides. This is unknown to most people. However, the hype and popularity of these foods only lead people to false ideas.


Do you think the organic trend, which has many violations, leads consumers to believe they are in some way helping the environment, when in reality they are not?


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  1. mpierson4710 says:

    I do think that stamping “organic” on produce does lead some people with the means to spend extra on food to buy those foods because they believe they are more sustainable. However, I don’t fully know the manual labor that goes into growing organic food. I think the next steps in labeling should give insight into whether or not businesses had passed standards that ensure the fair treatment of workers.

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