I really enjoyed reading this book throughout the course because I felt as if I related to it very differently throughout the semester. His commentary is quite ominous and I do feel as if he thinks that moving in a positive direction would be difficult. However, by looking to our class and trying to understand the ways in which we can utilize new technologies and a changing world to better utilize the media makes me a little more optimistic than him. I feel as if our final projects also speak to the ability to intervene in the current media cycle of pandering to the government and sensationalism.

We saw in Ghonims case that using social media and campaigns can bring about changvia social media. Although Lope. Argues that social media is causing us to lose out true identity or only live in a constructed version of it that is only one side of the story.  And while it is a major part of the  narrative at the moment this class has taught me that there are definitely other options.


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