Last Saturday I visited Sherman with Lucia & Sasha. We screened “Barking Water,” a story about a woman, Irene, driving her ex-lover, Frank, home from the hospital.

There were about six students that came for the start of the film (the different time — 6pm — may have been a reason for lower numbers than usual). There were many students (about 10-15) that came in later, and most of them did not stay. The story included some funny, silly scenes, which I think the kids enjoyed because we could hear a lot of laughter. The movie also had some intensely emotional scenes, especially the scene where Frank passes away. Afterwards, we discussed the movie with Lori, who said she felt connected to the story, and suggested that some students left because it was too emotional.

Though anyone watching the movie would likely become emotional during this scene, I think those in the Native community connect with the story even more. The movie, directed by and starring Native people, included Native customs and languages. I think that is a benefit from the Sherman screenings: media that breaks out of the mainstream cultures and into their own so they can relate even more to the story.

Again due to the odd time at night, we were unable to ask the students any questions afterwards.


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