Guy Debord, in his philosophical text Society of the Spectacle, links the idea of the Spectacle, which can be another term for the mass media, as essential in controlling societies, and establishes the fact that it is indeed dominant groups that have direct control over this Spectacle. Therefore dominant groups that control that have the ability to control the Spectacle have direct access to changing the viewpoints and beliefs of millions of people. With this power, dominant groups can only convey information that they want to, even if the truth has to be bent in order to reach this endpoint. Debord also references the importance of images in the upholding of the Spectacle, and that it is complimentary for them to be paired with text in order to allow the general public to form the opinions that the dominant groups desire. Although images and text combined seem to increase the validity of each other making both seem flawless, it is important to note that one may have been changed in order to suit the other (i.e. an image could be and written about wrongly on purpose) which at many times goes unnoticed. Besides being another term for the mass media, the Spectacle could also reference the high degree of consumerism after the war, which existed because many were eager to move on with their lives and embellish it with expensive products and services, and also because increased satellite technology allowed advertisements to infiltrate society on television.



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