The online text Mapping Memories focuses on solving problems such as “How can innovative media projects shed light on personal and public histories as well as social issues such as globalization and migration? How can a creative process using new media help newcomer youth articulate their voice and find commonalities in a period of transition? How can place based participatory media projects bring individuals together and foster sensitivity around differences? What are some unique considerations in dealing with sensitive stories and sharing them with a broader public?” (website). These are integral aspects to explore because many people and their struggles and stories are underrepresented in society today and an online medium such as this can be effective in conveying their stories.

Chapter two focuses on the effectiveness of the use of photo stories told by refugees located in Canada in order to show other member’s of their group. Together they all worked together in order to create a collection of pictures that was indicative of each of their personal struggles and experiences. I personally thought that this is a thought provoking and effecting exercise in terms of bonding with a group, and it also accentuates the importance of a camera in society today, showing that it had a lot of power and could communicate a lot, without words needing to be used.

These collections of pictures were eventually given in the form of a book that lacked context to teachers near them. It was interesting to note that they were intrigued by the lack of context, but this was almost more effective in delivering a story because it left more to the imagination.


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