Marshall McLuhan’s revolutionary text that even has a cult following, titled The Medium is the Massage, demonstrates how our connection with the media is an extension of our psyche and how the media itself is an extension of our human senses. It is an unconventional text which meshes together text and picture, almost alike to a children’s book, albeit with much deeper meaning attached to and embedded within it. Within the text, throughout the array of pictures and text, McLuhan argues that technologies are the messages themselves, not the content of the medium. The text is both a graphical and creative representation of this.

The play in words of “massage” insinuates that modern audiences are easily influenced by the nature of modern day media, because they might find it relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable. However, he suggests that this ‘pleasure’ we find through new age media is deceiving, because of the development of an age of anxiety through the existence of these various media forms.

I believe that the allusion to being ‘massaged’ and coerced into accepting what is conveyed in these various forms of new age media is important to consider. Despite the attractive nature of listening to everything that the media portrays to us, we must use our discretion when it comes to forming judgements concerning whether or not what we see or hear is valid.


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