Overall, the sections we were required to read in the book Media Ecosystems taught me many things about how we should approach social change, and how we should approach social change for the good of society instead of for the good of ourselves. Lopez argues that we should use social media and its influence in order to create a ‘Sustainability Revolution’, because the earth is in dire need of it. This manifesto argues that it is essential to tackle the colonial capitalist neoliberal worldview that he believes is destroying our world slowly. Although he seems frequently pessimist in this text, he is also optimistic at times because he believes that there is a way around this and our world can be saved if we work together through social media. Through creating more ‘organic’ media culture, this can be achieved- instead of for instance having influence from the government that corrupts it.

Lopez argues that the media should view and perceived as a living system, or an ecosystem in order to help society use it more effectively and efficiently. He also argues that it is integral to apply this understanding of the media ecosystem in order to allow the world to thrive, and we should think ecologically and apply this to our analysis and actions. The various metaphors and references to gardening, monoculture, farmers markets etc. are much more than what they seem and are actually extremely applicable if we wish to save our planet and therefore the people on it.

Overall, this text is an ecological approach to media that depicts the world of media as an ecosystem, and connects media to the physical world showing the implications the digital world can have on the physical world. It is essential that it explores the ecological footprint of our media systems in society, as well as the ‘mindprint’ that institutions such as the government and corporatized mass media leaves on us.

I agree with the main ideas being conveyed in this text. It is essential to be mindful of the world and its needs instead of listening and doing everything corporations and the governments want us to do. We must treat media as an ecosystem in order to help our planet thrive and must not on behalf of ourselves.



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