Revolution 2.0 by Wael Ghonim describes the media campaign of a cry of outrage that went viral. In chapter three the author presents himself as victim Khaled Said, the victim of a brutal police assault, and receives a massive media response on facebook. The author said “What drove me more than anything else, was the thought that I could speak for him, and if even a single victim of the regime could have the chance to defend himself, it would be a turning point” (Ghonim 61). Speaking out in the voice of the victim proved to be very successful in receiving support. Not only were people “liking” status’ and pages on facebook but people began to actually respond: “The virtual world seemed further from the oppressive reach of the regime, and therefore many were encouraged to speak up” (67). I believe this idea touches upon a very important concept that we discussed in the very beginning of the semester. What does it mean to be an active participant in a cause? Oftentimes people support a cause much more than support is actually “shown.” For instance this past summer I participated in a peaceful march where people were arrested for trespassing on Chevron private property. The facebook page for the event received much more support than actual participants in the march. Nevertheless, the media participation does make a difference. It had a huge impact in uniting Egyptians against prejudice as it did this summer uniting people for the environment. When I was filming in the march I really felt that sense of community. People, who were complete strangers, united together and chanted together as if the were old friends. It was truly inspiring to see and to be apart of. Unity is power.


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