Rhetorical Dimensions of Native American Documentary by Steve Leuthold, is a text that details the changes that Native American made documentaries have undergone over time. It also discusses what is typical of them to portray, and how they go about doing this. The text compares what they have accomplished to this day and what they are, as opposed to what they hope to accomplish and to be in the future. It is important to note how the text discusses how it is important that Native Americans make and produce their own documentaries that reflect their culture and beliefs in an accurate fashion. This is juxtaposed to the documentaries made by non-natives that only reflect their own believes about Native American culture, therefore most likely being inaccurate and invalid. Therefore it is important that Native made documentaries exist because they give the makers and their community a proper ‘voice’.

The stereotype that using such technological advances such as cameras and filming equipment being a contradiction for what they stand for is also discussed. It is unfair for us to expect an entire society to remain stuck in the past because they need to be true to their ‘beliefs’. The author argues that such forms of technology should be embraced because they provide the opportunity to convey an accurate depiction of Native American life.


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