Teaching Youth Media: A Critical Guide to Literacy, Video Production and Social Change by Steven Goodman revolves around informing the reading just how people are educated about the media and its effects on and presence in society today. It is discussed how powerful the media is in general, and the profound affect it can have on children, who are able to recognize symbols perpetuated by the media more than for example religious symbols. It discusses how many people, and especially children, simply absorb media without much question because they believe that the media acts as a collective source of authority that has the ability to dictate how we lead our lives. Children are especially vulnerable as the text describes, because they do not have fully developed minds and will easily absorb whatever the media attempts to feed them. Goodman depicts that over two million dollars have been dedicated entirely just to advertising aimed at children which shows how much control corporations have other them and their thought process. He also notes that those families with lesser incomes are more at risk because it typically correlates that those with lower incomes have access to lesser quality education. Lesser quality education means that children are not properly educated about the risks of living in a society that is dominated by the media and the ideas that it perpetuates.

In my opinion, I completely agree with the above and think that children should be taught more frequently to be more mindful of what the media might be feeding them, because it is not always completely harmless. Through the media children can be taught to be more violent, materialistic and consumeristic amongst other qualities. This should attempt to be controlled because this can create a fundamental flaw in their characters once they reach adulthood.



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