After two and 1/2 years of anticipation I FINALLY MADE IT! I am so excited to be in Copenhagen, but to be honest it hasn’t quite hit me yet.

My flight was almost completely DIS students, and I met some of my future housemates on it. We got in (much ahead of schedule) at about 6:30 am, so our SRAs were a little discombobulated when they came to pick us up. My SRA is named Louise, and she is super funny, a little sassy, and generally awesome as far as I can tell. Also she is absolutely gorgeous, as most of the Danes tend to be *sigh*. She and Asbjorn, the 3rd floor RA, are also INCREDIBLE chefs- they made us a restaurant quality welcome dinner of Green Curry. Before dinner, they showed us around the neighborhood and took us grocery shopping. Our DRC is literally a minute away from most DIS buildings, so I am thrilled to be so close.

My day after the flight consisted of laying on the common room couch with my housemate Erin in a state of extreme jet lag/sleep deprivation, listening to the new Beyonce album and watching TLC with the SRAs, and meeting my other suitemates. There are 11 of us including Louise, and 10 of us are girls! Poor Max has never been around so many girls- I’ll keep you posted on how he fares.

Today we went to the historic Circus building for orientation. A long time ago, the circus used to actually take place there (the director noted that I was sitting where the seal show used to be). It’s now used for Danish music awards and other large gatherings. My favorite part of the orientation was when the director disccussed the “selfie” incident at Nelson Mandela’s funeral (see here:, and then instructed us to take our own selfies. After getting really excited (and a little scared about the metro system- I’ll see how that goes), some of my housemates and I went to the Palladin Bogcafe. I am DEFINITELY going to study there a lot, it is a cute cafe where a lot of Danes go and it looks like an old fashioned bookstore. It is very cozy, or hygge as the Danes say, with candles on every table. And the food and coffee was DELICIOUS.

The Circus Building Circa 1953

The Circus Building Circa 1953

My AMAZING (and not too expensive) sandwich from Palladin

My AMAZING (and not too expensive) sandwich from Palladin

We also went to Netto to get groceries, and since none of us are Masterchefs (or just too lazy to cook) we all came back with weird combinations of food and wine.

Shopping at Netto

Shopping at Netto

Tomorrow we are going on ‘the amazing race’ where we learn our way around the city center! I’ll let you know how it goes!


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