Last semester I remember seeing one or two of these signs as I made my way from Scripps Campus to the Media Studies Center on Pitzer campus. I do not frequent other places on Pitzer campus so I did not even know these signs were elsewhere. I saw the signs and thought they were interesting but never really gave them much thought. I kind of just dismissed them as some Pitzer signs and did not think that they had anything to do with me. I just let them be and carried on my way.

It was not until I was going to write this blog post that I even thought to look up information about these signs; to be honest, I did not even realize that there was something to look into. I am really surprised and intrigued at the information I found and I am a little disappointed in myself that I was not aware of this last semester.

So if there is anyone else who, like me, was not informed about this amazing installation I have some resources that I found helpful.

I found out about the artist and the installation here:

I also found a video where the artist explains the installation. I found this video really helpful and insightful.

There is also a campus map that shows where the different signs are located.

I am very touched that this installation exists and I think its presence will help serve as a daily reminder of the history of this land. Now that I know more about the signs I am eager to take a walk around Pitzer campus and see more of the installations.


About alexamuniz

Media Studies major at Scripps College '16.

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  1. Alexa, I think its actually pretty interesting to note what we notice and what just blends in. I feel like maybe that experience you had could have been one of the goals of Heap of Birds’ project– the fact that they look mundane even calls attention to how we construct the built/visual environment.

  2. enabanana says:

    Thank you for sharing the infomation that you found! It actually helped me understand his installations better and I am happy that I learned about them.
    If it was not for the assignment, I would never know what they are. I also want to take a walk to find more signs around 5C with the map you posted and tell other exchange students what they are!

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