Signs around Pitzer College.


In the beginning of fall 2012 a public art installation was starting to be discussed at Pitzer. The installation was created by artist Edgar Heap of Birds, a native American artist. I’ve known about these signs for quite some time because I was made aware of them in my first semester at Pitzer. In the class, Restoring Nature, we were working on cleaning up the outback. An art professor came to the class to ask our permission to put a sign in the outback. He told us it was an art installation that works to make people aware that the spaces we inhabit did not always belong to us. The signs are blue with white text that says the word California backwards and then they say “Your host is…” and then it says the name of a Native American tribe that once owned the land that we now use for our school. Without knowing about the signs and what they stand for I am not sure I would have noticed them as much or taken the same meaning from them. I think they send an important message/reminder to students because most people do not think about the history of the land they live on on a daily basis but perhaps there should have been more of an explanation for those who did not get to hear their meaning from someone who knows the artist.. The signs are meant to reside at the college for two years so they will probably be removed next fall.


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