Actually, even i have been here for one year, i never really pay attention to the signs that around the campus. i don’t even know what the exactly words written on the signs, maybe because i am always in hurry. After the class, i went out and find the signs, the first time i knew that the fully sentence of the signs is “AINROFILAC TODAY YOUR HOST IS _____.” However, i still really confused by those sentences, considering maybe the blank names mean some famous people that contributed a lot for Pitzer college, and we build the signs to memorize them.

     Thinking about the question, i surfed on the internet and see whether can i find the answer.  Then i learned that this sign was the arts of Heap of Birds. He created the Native Host sign panels honoring twelve historic Gabrielino-Tongva tribal villages, including the names of four sacred mountains and four sacred rivers, all of which are located within the territory of the Los Angeles basin. The signs’ purpose was to remind the people the original residence of California, which was different from what i though before.

     In my opinion, i think what the Heap of Birds did was great. Nowadays, as the developing of the society and exploration of culture, we have to absorb too much information, which caused we pay less and less attention to the history. People always say we have to look forward to the future, but during our life, we need always look back to the history, which we can learn a lot of things from it. By thinking back about the past, we could avoid many mistakes and make our life even better.


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    Where’d you find that info? It looks great! Your sentence about info-absorbing really resonated with me.

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