“Write about the blue and white sign around the college” when I heard this in class, it didn’t even click to me. Since I am an exchange student and just got here last week, I was too busy to care about what is interesting on campus. But after I knew about the sign from the class and walked around the campus, I finally realized that there are so many signs that start with mirrored California. If this homework did not come out, it might have taken about 3 months to notice them which is three forth of my exchange program. Then of course, once I met these interesting signs, I can’t help wondering the meanings.

It was actually a bit hard for me to search the definition of the signs on internet because I did not ave any background knowledge about this. I first put “blue and white sign pitzer” on google, and there was nothing interesting on the result. And then I kept searching for it in different words, got the meaning at long last.

This art project by Edgar Heap has much more meaningful and touching background than I thought. To be honest, although I came to the states to study, I wasn’t interested in American culture at all but this experience, knowing about the art made me want to learn about culture or history which will make my exchange program more significant.


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  1. eadelstein says:

    Its cool that the signs are not only bringing up these issues with american students but with international audiences as well. I’m not sure how much if any native american history is taught in schools abroad so its awesome that the topic is reaching everyone

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