Having only been at Pitzer for just under two weeks , and in America as a whole for that matter, I just assumed the signs were a “Pitzer” thing. I had noticed them from day one, it was the “California” or more the “AINROFILAC” that caught my eye. But not wanting to look naive or the ignorant “new girl”, I didn’t ask anyone what they were about, nor did I search for the answer online myself.  It wasn’t until I was asked to write about them here I realised they weren’t just a “Pitzer” thing or even a normal American thing. However after reading some of the other blog post, it doesn’t seem like I was the only one oblivious to their real meaning, even people who have been here for years.

I first asked my friends what they were about and I then followed it up with a very handy Google search. A few articles and a Vimeo clip later I knew all about Edgar Heap of Birds.

Edgar was hoping that when people start to wonder they will start to investigate, the signs would get into people’s psyche and force them to think critically about the community they were being hosted by. The fact that many people, who have passed these signs every day for the past year didn’t know, nor did they investigate what they were about, is a downfall to the reason Edgar installed this art, to get passes by questioning and then searching. But based on the mixed responses already posed on the blog, I am now left questioning if the signs are having as much affect as Edgar had hoped? Are the majority or the minority questioning and searching? In theory these signs should create greater understand and respect for the community and the land they are standing on, but are people simply in too much of a rush or don’t care to find out more? I have admittedly already fallen victim to this without even knowing.  


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  1. enabanana says:

    I think you mentioned a great point. These signs are not functioning as Edgar hoped to. I was curios ofwhat the sign meant when I first saw it, but never got myself look for the answer until I got this assignment as well.
    But now we learned about them and we can get people know. But school faculty should work on it too and not let them be just some sign panels which does’t make sense for people.

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