One of the documentaries mentioned the practice of the good white christians stealing babies from Indian families and placing them in good white christian homes to rid them of their savage nature. This ungodly practice by the civilized cultures of the world occurred in many countries, however there is one film that truly captures the hideousness of the practice in Australia while highlighting the resolve of those who were captured and the racial politics of the time, Rabbit Proof Fence. It follows the true journey of three small children as they cross the inhospitable outback to return home as they are tracked by an aboriginal tracker. Great film.


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  1. enabanana says:

    I believe those practices were taken places in many different countries or communities as well. I think the idea of assimilation was / still is common for some leaders so that they believe they can preserve unity of community or nation. It wil be cool to see these aspects of history through documentaries or movies that you mentioned here!

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